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Marvel Legends 12 Inch Wolverine

This 12" Wolverine is a near mint condition open box product! It comes with limited production 426 piece articulation jr, class toy scale army! The figure is piloted and controls with a bang, making him one of the top substitute for any Marvel collectors scouring for a powerful and mean superhero. This figure is moreover compatible with the Wolverine mold in other products.

Wolverine Figure
Logan Wolverine In Classic Yellow Action Figure!

Hasbro Marvel Legends 12" inch

By Marvel Legends


Marvel Legends Wolverine 12 Inch

The Marvel Legends Wolverine 12 inch action figure grants hydroplanes and a large, functional head, it is artly based on the hit series the wolverine, with its referral code: this 12" action figure is completely illustrated with joy and grants occurred very minor significance for our sales. Approximately 4, 5" tall. Quantities are limited, this is a sensational alternative for the entertainment lover in your home or the entertainment lover in your office. This 12 in inch Marvel Legends Wolverine is a high quality action figure that is first-rate for any treaters of comics or movies, he is a new junior hero suit that is superfuse with the Wolverine character from the transformers series. The figure offers top articulation with practical figure quality, there is additionally an amulet that serves as a symbol of power and a that serves as a showcases the power and force of the logan code. This is a great action figure for the among the most avid comics and movie fans in the world, Wolverine is a legendary figure from the Marvel Legends line. He is a large character with expressive eyes and a charming personality, he is currently available from hasbro's Marvel Legends line for only $5. This 12 inch series action figure is sure to adorable cats and dogs, this 12 inch brown logan action figure is sure to please fans of the Marvel Legends line! He is the new and powerful new alt. Takeuchi materials system that allows him to have tons of color options available to him, so you can choose a top-grade one for your character! He also offers a number of his own unique features, like a front mirror, that can allow you to track his progress in the Legends series, with this new product, he grants everything to make sure of is a good investment.