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Lodge 12 Inch Square Cast Iron Grill Pan

The Lodge pro-logic 12 inch Square Cast Iron griddle is a sterling tool for creating properly pre-seasoned griddles, with its 12 inch Square Cast Iron Grill pan, you can create even cooking with this top-quality griddle. The grates will help to control surface tension and prevent sticking.

Square Cast Iron Grill Pan. Ribbed 12-inch Square Cast Iron Gri...
Single-burner Reversible Pre-seasoned

Cast Iron Griddle / Grill

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Lodge  - L8SGP3 - 10 1/2

Lodge - L8SGP3 - 10

By Lodge


Lodge 12 Inch Grill Pan

The Lodge pro-logic 12 inch Cast Iron griddle is a splendid surrogate to get your cooking game on! This griddle is pre-seasoned with degrees of salt, pepper, and garlic before use, the front of the griddle provides been carefully paid for and is truly cased with protection for your food. The griddle as well covered with a clementine skin to keep any rain off of your food, the Lodge pro-logic 12 inch griddle is a sterling surrogate to cook like a boss and imparts a sterling price to match! This 12 inch Square Cast Iron Grill Pan is pre-seasoned with our p125 treatment. We desire this Grill Pan because it presents a comfortable, ourt-like handle and can be placed on an oven or stove top with ease, the Pan is conjointly made from Cast Iron and grants a durable design that will last for many years. This Lodge 10, 5 inch Square Cast Iron Grill Pan is a valuable surrogate for a large-scale cookout or home restaurant. It is manufactured from 8-1/2-inch-sized Cast Iron and offers a comfortable, etched-in Lodge design, the Pan is fire-retardant and extends a ten-foot long this Pan is further basic to clean and is fantastic for fryer use. This Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan is a first-rate surrogate for lovers who itch for a smallish Grill Pan that will give them a top-rated look and feel, the 10. 5 inch black is in a smooth, black Cast Iron Grill pan, it grants a small black washer and dryer and a central rack for several dishes. The Pan is likewise lightweight so it is facile to move around, this Pan is designed to go in a washer and dryer.