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12 Inch Wooden Wagon Wheels

This 12 inch wood Wagon Wheels is a first-class addition to your cart, it is designed to reduce effort needed to move goods, and can help free up space in your store.

12 Inch Wooden Wagon Wheels Ebay

This 12 inch Wooden Wagon Wheels planter is a peerless addition to your home garden or working outdoor decor, the Wheels make it effortless to move around and store your plants, and the pot stand makes it effortless to take it from one plant to another. The Wheels home garden model is top-quality for use on a busy home garden, or if you want to set up a new machine shop, this is a first-rate value for the price you pay. The 12 inch Wooden Wagon Wheels are in sensational condition and are still in their plastic case, this Wheels are terrific addition to your open wagon. This rustic Wooden Wagon wheel design is excellent for a jr, outdoor bench. These Wheels are made of Wooden Wheels that are 12 inches in diameter, the design is finished with a foam core which provides a tender care for the bench. The bench is then made up with leaves, a nature flavor, for extra comfort, this is an excellent for carrying goods or passengers. The wheelbase is 120 inches and the length is 12 inches, the Wheels are 12 inch Wooden Wheels and are effortless to turn, turning 12 long and 12 high. This is an unequaled addition to all vehicle.