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12 Inch Water Wave Wig

This 12 inch Water Wave curly bob Wig is splendid for somebody who wants a sleek and curly bob hair style, this Wig comes with 100 brazilian human hair wigs including a front full Wig and 2 back wigs. This Wig is unrivalled for anything you bald spots and more.

12 Inch Water Wave Wig Walmart

This 12 inch Water Wave Wig is a beautiful brazilian Wave front Wig with pre-plucked human hair, it extends a cool lace front that is produced to give the look of liveliness and a bright, bright light. The waves are created through beaming off of the possessive waves pattern on the human hair, these wigs are top for all types of sun exposure and this 12 inch Water Wave lace closure Wig is excellent for wavy human hair styles that need to be set in correct position. The Wave structure makes this Wig waves mismatch well, making it a sensational substitute for professional or personal hair care applications, this 12 inch Water Wave human hair Wig peerless for black women who covet a look that will make them look like a million bucks. It presents a front hair Wave and bangs, making it a total natural look, the Water Wave material gives the Wig a modern look, making it feel smooth and smooth. Plus, the front hair Wave and bangs are flat on the back, giving you look, it is thick, with a bright, bright red color. It is produced to look like a hair.