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12 Inch Snare Drum

The tama steel 6 lug 12 x 5, 5 Snare Drum shell is a nice shape with a nice inch length. It is shell only and is excellent for playing drums, this Drum shell is fantastic for an experienced player or a beginner’s Drum set.

Items That Are 12 Inches

Items that are 12 inches in diameter and are made of plastic or metal are called marching Snare drums, march Snare drums are most commonly used in music to support and help the on instruments to stay on their feet. The 12 x6 inch Snare Drum is fabricated of over steel and is designed to provide superior sound quality when playing music loud, it features a durable build and a well designed and executed sound according to the pdp concept series. This is a beautiful 12 inch Snare Drum from the early 1954 era, it is struck in gold and imparts a beautiful sparkle pattern on the this Drum is top-rated for a competitive rock music campaign. This is an 12 inch Snare Drum that offers 6 lug rims, it is good used condition. This Drum is from a song by set 12 months ago.