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12 Inch Auger

This 12 inch Auger is superb for either cutting post holes or digging up earth, the Auger is manufactured of sturdy metal with an easy-to-use post hole digger. This post hole digger is puissant for earth, rock, or tree cuts, it presents three bits available to handle and is additionally electric operated. The post hole digger is good for about 10 cuts or 2 inch depth.

12 Inch Auger Bit

The 12 inch Auger bit is a gas-powered post hole digger that imparts a quick disconnect connector for straightforward removal, the bit is manufactured of durable plastic with a cleanly-looking design. It is basic to hold and feels comfortable to use, the Auger bit is top-notch for removing post hole from machines and will help you efficiently and quickly removing debris from your machine. The is an unique company that presents been developing the latest technology in Auger bit drill bits for gas powered post fence hole our bits are designed to be super compact, quality and are sure to provide the work team with an effortless job, the bits are 4 6 8 10 12 in size and the overall length is about 6 inches. The bits can be easily adapted to the specific hole size by fitting with our own high-quality killer nail circuitry, the bits are built with an 10-year warranties and are available for $129. The earth Auger drill bits are first-rate for gas-powered posts, and can be used to hole digger holes or cut susceptible material, the variety of shapes and sizes available makes it basic to find a valuable one for your needs. This 12 inch Auger is designed for use in agricultural and engineering applications, it is 3 pc extension Auger with an 20 12 8 long shaft and an 34 shavings post hole digger earth bit.